Things to consider with permanent makeup.

There are things to consider when thinking of having a permanent make up.

1. Are they licensed? – You must check if they are licensed technicians to perform eyebrows, lips, & eyeliner permanent makeup.

2. Are they certified? Technicians must have completed the training for permanent makeup procedure and have been certified.

3. Do they get happy clients? Many customer would check out the website to see the reviews from the previous clients. Reviews are a big help in making a decision which salon you would want to have the permanent makeup done.

4. The before and after photos – Most of artist have Social Media accounts where you can check out their works.


All of our artists have graduated in the training program for permanent cosmetics and are up to date with their yearly Bloodborne Pathogens training. They are also registered with the Orange County Department of Health and are qualified to perform permanent cosmetics. Our studio is licensed to do business in the city of Garden Grove for permanent cosmetics. Some of the artists are licensed Aesthetician or Cosmetologist in the state of California as may be required for certain procedures.

Are they certified and safe Permanent Cosmetics?

Recent state legislation requires all practitioners of “body arts,” including tattooing, body piercing, and application of permanent cosmetics, to register with the local health department. Registration requirements for operators at this time include review of proposed regulations, completion of an application form, and payment of a registration fee.
State laws establishing minimum requirements for body art are provided in the California Safe Body Art Act (Act) which was enacted to provide minimum statewide standards for the regulation of persons engaged in the business of body art in California. Body art includes tattoo, body piercing, branding, and the application of permanent cosmetics. The requirements are intended to protect both the practitioner and the client from transmission of infectious diseases. Inspections will occur at all body art facilities within the County of Orange. The Act resides in the California Health and Safety Code (H&SC), Division 104, Part 15, Sections (§§) 119300-119328. AB 300 repeals current provisions and enacts the Safe Body Art Act as of July 1, 2012. This helps to protect both sides. That’s why we are safe and well prepared to perform these services in regards to improve your overall beauty while maintaining your health!

Do your research! Not all tattoo artists are properly trained and certified. Make sure you’ve done enough research to be confident and comfortable when choosing an artist.

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