Why do I want to train with VBrows Academy?

Our students go on to start their business or career after they’re done with our program. Students from other training program go on to take more classes! Don’t spend money twice; get real hands-on training that results in the skills and confidence you need to actually do it for a living.

Vi Nguyen, Master Artist & Lead Instructor

VBrows hands-on technical training course in a live studio environment.

Thank you for your interest in our training program; you have come to the right place to jump-start your career. For the past 2 years, Permanent Makeup (PMU) is one of the hottest beauty trends making it an amazing career opportunity. Master PMU artists usually charge an average of $500 per client with them booking about 4-5 clients per day. Many of our students start charging $250 per client after they complete our program with an average of 10-20 booking per week.

Our primary goal as a Permanent Makeup Academy is to get you the skills you need to work on clients confidently and safely. You will see that in the way we lay out our program. We have one of the unique training programs in the industry because we want you to have the skills you need to do well in your career. After all, you are a VBrows student and you are carrying our name when you display your work.

Here are some quick differences between us and other training facilities.

  • We do hands-on training in a live studio. You will get a chance to see how it really happens.
  • We do 1 on 1 training, not classroom style. The skills are very technical, so we make sure you give you the full attention you need.
  • We let you bring in your models up to 3 months after the start of your class to work on with supervision in our studio.
  • We are always available for questions. We are building a large network of high-end PMU artists, you will always be a part of our team.
  • We have opportunities for you to work with us in our studio after you complete our training program.
  • We offer a specialized, advanced follow-up training program to better hone your skills for graduates from our basic program.
  • If you follow our program and are dedicated to practising the technical skills we teach, you will have the confidence to work on every client.
  • Yes! We want you to start your business legally and safely so we will provide you with a host of business resources.
  • Yes! We want you to be successful and bring in many clients. Marketing guides and ideas are available.
  • Yes! We will be here for you long after you finish our program. The will always be part of the VBrows group.

Training Program Pricing

  • Price: $3500,  $1000 non-refundable deposit to reserve your spot.
  • Limited spots available for each schedule due to 1 on 1 nature of the training.


  • Basic sanitation and bloodborne pathogen certification (online training).
  • No cosmetology or aestitician license required.
  • Good hand-eye coordination and motor controls (can be improved with practice).
  • Great attitude for learning and motivation to practice.

VBrows Microblading Technique Course Outline:

The complete class includes:

  • Eyebrow design aesthetics and including symmetry and shapes
  • Hair stroke design theory to create the most natural looking brows
  • Correct depth and pressure for hand tool
  • Skin problems and their effects on microblading
  • Fitzpatrick skin types and application
  • Color correction and color theory
  • Post-treatments for various skin type
  • Procedure before and aftercare

Lesson Plans:

  • Muscle Memory – Our instructor will work with you to train your hand to make the perfect stroke. You will be provided practice assignments designed to train your hand and your eye.
  • The Shape – You will learn how to draw the perfect eyebrow shape. Eyebrows that are aesthetically pleasing tend to follow certain proportions. You will learn all these principles.
  • Application – You will learn how to match eyebrow shape and sizes to faces and tailor them to client’s preferences. The instructor will work with you on how to use the proper technique to work with clients.
  • The Theory – Knowing the science behind the procedure is important part to ensuring the very best results. You will learn why things are done the way they are done and how to get the best results. This includes skin condition, ink, blades and other technical aspects of microblading.
  • Hands-on microblading – You will get a chance to work on live models under instructor’s supervision. The instructor will guide you each step of the way from start to finish of the procedure. Students to perform the procedure on models provided by PMUClass.

Microblading & Microshading Starter Kit:

We will provide you with a starter kit with everything you need to work on your first 10 clients.

  • Hand tool blade holder
  • Disposable blades
  • Eyebrow pencils
  • Numbing cream
  • Pigments
  • Pigment fingers
  • Eyebrow brushes
  • Pigment application sticks
  • Practice skin
  • Qtips
  • Disposable gloves

Bloodborne Pathogen (BBP) Exposure Control Training Certificate

  • Before starting the course, all students must have a certificate for Bloodborne Pathogen (BBP) Exposure Control training provided by an approved trainer. Please submit your certificate to us via email at least 3 days before the start of the class so we can register you with OC Health Department.

2018 Course Calendar Start Dates (Mandatory In-Studio Technical Instruction Days)

These are the starting dates for the classes. Classes typically scheduled the 3rd Wednesday of every month. Mandatory in-studio instructions are Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday (3 days). The other 2 days will be hands-on model work which you will schedule with the studio. Once 40 hours are completed you will receive your certificate.

Please schedule your class start date on the calendar below. Please ensure you can be free those 3 days (Wed, Thurs, and Friday) of the training week so you can arrive on time and stay the full 8 hours so you can complete the materials.