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As you already know, eyebrow microblading is a widely used method by people in order to enhance the appearance of their eyebrows. If you are looking for a convenient and a straightforward method to make your eyebrows look better, you can take a look at the microblading procedure. Nonetheless, you must be aware of the pros and cons associated with microblading. Then you will be able to determine whether it is the perfect solution available for you.

Pros of eyebrow Microblading

First, we will take a look at the pros of eyebrow microblading. Eyebrow microblading is considered a semi-permanent makeup procedure. It has the ability to deliver natural looking eyebrows. Nobody would be able to figure out whether you have gone through the procedure in order to enhance the way your eyebrows look or not.

The microblading procedure is relatively quick and has the ability to deliver long lasting results. It take about two hours for the practitioner to complete the treatment. However, you will achieve results that will last about a year and half.  After your initial procedure, a touch up is advised to address any concerns. Some clients chose to come in for daily touchups but it is not required as you will achieve the desired results with the 2 sessions.

Eyebrow microblading has the ability to make your eyebrows look thicker and fuller. The best thing about this treatment is that you are provided with the flexibility to adjust the appearance of the eyebrows as per your requirements. If you are looking forward to follow a specific trend in eyebrows, you just need to tell it to your technician.

All of us want to enhance the way how our eyebrows look, but we don’t want to go through any pain. This procedure is completely painless. In order to make sure that you don’t go through even a slight level of discomfort, the practitioner would apply anesthetic on the procedure area.

Cons of eyebrow Microblading

During the eyebrow microblading procedure, a fine blade is being used in order to cut into your skin. In a specific treatment session, more than 100 such tiny cuts would be required on your skin. If the technician is not trained properly or lacks experience, he/she could cut deep into your skin. On the other hand, he/she would miss out the important sterilization steps that need to be followed. As a result, you would end up with an infection. Therefore, it is extremely important for you to search for a properly trained and  experienced technician to get your eyebrow microblading treatment done. When you are searching for such a technician, you need to pay special attention towards online reviews as they reflect the type of service you would receive at the end of the day.

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  • nompumelelo

    I would like to do it but i want to know is it safe
    Is it like a tatoo

    • admin

      A well educated and seasoned artist will use proper sanitation care by following state health standards. Microblading and microshading should only be semi-permanent, meaning it lasts between 1-3 years depending on the client’s lifestyle. This technique only cuts into the epidermis layer of the skin which makes it semi-permanent. When the incision is deeper, like a tattoo the pigment is deposited into the skin further making it permanent. Do careful research on the artist you decide!

  • education online

    I’m amazed, I have to admit. Seldom do I encounter a blog that’s both educative and engaging, and without a doubt, you have hit the nail on the head. The issue is an issue that not enough people are speaking intelligently about. Now i’m very happy that I found this in my search for something relating to this.

    • admin

      Thank you for your kind words. We believe that it is very important to provide the client with the necessary information before investing in such a procedure that could become permanent if not done correctly.

  • Silver

    My cons of microblading:
    RETENTION! I think it is important for people looking for such a procedure to know that everyone is different and the year and a half the article talks about the microblading lasting is largely estimated. Some people (like myself) have horrible retention and the pigment doesn’t last very long. So, going in for multiple touchups more often can be costly. AFTERCARE! You cannot get them wet for x amount of time. Fine for people who don’t have to wash their hair everyday, but try not to get your face wet in the shower when you must wash your hair every day… almost impossible unless you flip your head over the sink (and even then it’s hard). I have really fine hair and must wash my hair daily because it gets greasy fast – and no I can’t use dry shampoo, it just isn’t the same. So although you don’t have to wait overly long for the healing process and before you can get them wet again, it’s a pain in the butt (especially if you have horrible retention and have to go in more frequently for touch ups). ITCHY! It itches for a few days after the procedure – that itch you can’t scratch… eek. TRENDS CHANGE! Make sure you get something that is natural and complimentary to your face and not a specific trend… the 90’s were all about thin, shapely brows.
    This is just my $.02 – think it through completely before you follow through with it. ESPECIALLY if you are travelling a distance for the procedure. Weigh your alternatives, and then invest after careful thought!

  • Smriti singh

    Does microblading harm the existing brow hair

    • admin

      Microblading utilizes a bladed hand tool to assimilate hair strokes. Artists will make small cuts in the epidermis layer of the skin which does not reach the hair follicle or interrupt hair follicle growth. It is critical to find a skilled artist with experience and education to ensure that the artist does not cut into the skin to deep.

  • Rena

    With complete hair loss there would be more cutting. I assume this procedure causes scar tissue; will this be a problem when you have your eyebrows re-done in 3+ years?

    • admin

      A well educated and seasoned artist will only blade into the epidermis layer of the skin which makes it semi-permanent and does not injure the skin. When done correctly, there is never any scar tissue. The deeper the incision, like a tattoo, the more permanent and damaging it is to the skin. Do careful research on the artist you decide!

  • Clover

    Some tattoos fade over time the black turn a greenish color, does the tattoos fade?

    • admin

      The color change really depends on what kind of ink you use and how it’s taken care of. We match the colors to our client’s color tones and use high-quality micro pigments so it stays very consistent.

  • Kayla

    How can a new technician gain experience if articles like this tell you to only used a skilled and experienced technician?

  • Dave Anderson

    That is nice that eyebrow micro blading procedures are fairly quick. Maybe it would be good to get my eyebrows microbladed. That is something that I would want to look into.

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