Biotouch Mouth Guard, 6 pieces/box Item Code:MGK


MGK Mouth Guard, 6 pieces/box

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The mouth guard is used to prevent anesthetics and
pigment from getting into the mouth during a lip
procedure. It also helps absorb the vibration of
the machine which leads to steadier and more
accurate contouring of the lips.
Mouth Guards
-Ask your customer what type of clients do they do the procedures on?
-Suggest and let them know it is good for older clients, it stretches the skin, it will avoid missing any surface of the skin
-Protects from the anesthetics, blood, or color going into the mouth
-Product comparison to sports mouth guard
– You don’t need to bite into or shape it, this is specially designed for procedure, already customized for lip procedure. Turn it over for use on bottom lip.

Used to prevent anesthetics from getting into the mouth during a lip procedure, and helps to maintain firmness for more accurate contouring.

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