Biotouch Accupoint Needle Caps 50/Box


Accupoint Needle Caps 50/Box

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A completely new concept in permanent makeup rotary machine needle caps! The AccuPoint Series needle caps were engineered to accommodate all ROUND and FLAT needles, eliminating the need for an assortment of caps.

Meant for two needle types in one, the caps allow the proper amount of pigment flow for both needle types. The design holds the pigment snuggly on the needle, retains its shape, and practically eliminates pigment splatter.

Just behind the tip of the cap is a precision opening that serves as a holding area for pigment. It also creates air flow for the pigment to flow smoothly, ensuring that the permanent makeup artist is giving the client the best makeup procedure possible.

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Weight .1375 lbs
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 3 in



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