It is entirely up to you to decide how enhanced you want your lips to look.

Lip Augmentation through facial fillers is technique dependent. In other words, experience counts! The use of lipstick clearly demonstrates the demand for fullness of the lips. Female clients frequently look at celebrities and socialites whose lips are ‘over the top’ in terms of augmentation, however, and are fearful that they might end up with huge, ‘fake’ looking lips if they were to undergo injection augmentation.


The lips are a very important feature of the face. Whenever we are talking to someone, either consciously or sub-consciously we notice and evaluate their lips. Full lips are a sign of sensuality and youth. There are numerous options today to create soft, natural-appearing lips. Most people don’t want others to know they had their lips enhanced. There are several natural proportions that need to be followed so that the upper lips and lower lips look good together. Another important point is that lips must FEEL NATURAL. If material is placed that takes the sensation away or makes the lips lumpy or hard, this can be very traumatic for patients.


Patients with very thin lips who want to look like Angelina Jolie will be disappointed. Their natural lip structure is simply not suited to producing that lip volume without developing a “sausage” apppearance. There is a range within which a client’s natural lips can work. There is actually a maximal amount that can be attained given each client’s lip contours and position within the face. You may not know why, but when you see a client with “duck lips”, no doubt you recognize the lack of harmony in the face. This look is to be avoided. Your artist should view the face as a whole, and create lip fullness that matches your face, your bone structure, and, most important of all, your natural lips.
Facial balance consists of the lips, their maximal natural fullness, and the balance of the tissues around them. The distance from the lip to the nose is important. The balance between the sides of the lips and the central lips is important. The vermillion border and white roll of the lip should be considered. Excessive aubmentation or augmentation with certain fillers blunts this beautiful transition, as though it had been sanded off.

Each filler can achieve different looks and beauty.

Gone are the days when women had only collagen as an option. A variety of dermal fillers have emerged that are based on hyaluronic acid, a substance that occurs naturally in our bodies and is highly attracted to water and binds to moisture. Choosing a type is best left up to the doctor based on your needs.

Here are the Dos that will help you with your procedure:

  • Before treatments, DO let your injector know if you have previously suffered from facial cold sores.
  • DO have ideas of what you want. Like a haircut, if you can bring in pictures of what you are looking to achieve, it will be very helpful to your injector.
  • But at the same time, DO be realistic with your expectations. injections were likely spaced apart by a month or so, and it was a gradual process.
  • DO be prepared for a little discomfort. The dermal-fillers used for lip injections all have a numbing agent mixed in, but with an area as sensitive as the lips — you are likely still going to feel some of the injections.
  • DO ice afterwards! If you ice immediately after the treatment, it will help minimize any bruising. If you ice later on in the day, it will help tremendously with swelling.
  • DO sleep that night with a little elevation, using an extra pillow will also help prevent swelling.
  • DO wait about a week to get a good idea of what your results will look like, and then please DO ENJOY!

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