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Vi Nguyen is the resident Master Brow Artist at VBrows Permanent Makeup Studio & Academy. I addition to being one of the top eyebrow artists, Vi is also a California licensed aesthetician and is super passionate about all things beauty. Vi’s thousands of clients, from company executives to moms, have been ecstatic about the time they save every day getting ready. Vi’s philosophy for beauty is balance; this means the shapes, colour, and shades should not ever overpower and blend seamlessly into the shape of your face. Vi’s philosophy, combined with her flawless techniques and attention to details is what sets her apart from other Artists.

The Experience of a Master Brow Artist

A microblading session with a Master Artist is quite the experience. Vi will personally work with you from the beginning to the end of your session. She will start by asking you about what your goals are with your brows and determine the best technique to achieve it.


Once microblading, microshading or a combination technique is decided, Vi will ask you about the kind of shape that you like such as thick, thin, bold, archy, or flat. She will use all of this information and her vision of what you are supposed to look like to determine the shape, size, shades and colours of your new brows. This is what makes her a genius at her trade and is really what sets her apart from other artists so don’t be shy about your requests. She will make you look fabulous by the time she’s finished. Vi will do an eyebrow pencil drawing for you and make sure you agree with the shape before she starts. A Master Artist’s manual hand technique and accuracy with the lade is extremely important achieving ideal final results.


Microblading pigments are embedded into the skin one stroke at a time to simulate individual strands of hair. The quality and consistency of the strokes will determine the final results after healing. Skilled artists will end up with beautiful hair strokes with consistent pigment shades and thickness. Lesser skilled artists tend to go over the same stroke many times resulting in longer sessions, more pain, and worse healing and final results. Even though permanent makeup is not an exact science, choosing a master artist will ensure you get the best results possible.

Staff Artists - Talented Artists to Serve You

VBrows Staff Artists are selected from the top students from that have passed our rigorous course and have demonstrated high technical skills and share our brand’s artistic vision. All staff artists have met our minimum requirements for the number of procedures practiced on live models in addition to the number of hours practiced. Every member of our team is certified by the Orange County Department of Health along with all required state required blood-borne pathogen training. Rest assured, all procedures are supervised by our resident Master Artist to ensure our high-quality standards.

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