The pros and cons of eyebrow Microblading 2

Microblading technique is used to correct and enhance the eyebrow. For those who wish to fully reconstruct, define, cover gaps or fill-in over plucked eyebrows. Also, this technique can be done for those who have a full set of eyebrows and just wish to alter the shape.

The Microblading procedure consist of two sessions, the first session is where consultation, shaping occur and the touch up is where corrections or adjustments are done in order to fulfill the perfect looking eyebrows. The reason for the two sessions is because after the first session the practitioner will notice how well the pigment is retained, second session is to check the healing process and revise any changes that need to be made.  Nonetheless, some clients do not require the second session while others require more than two.

The second session should be 30 days after your initial procedure, this will enable the pigment to settle into the epidermis layer. It is not advisable to book the second appointment until eyebrows are completely healed.


During this time, the practitioner will discuss your wants/needs for this procedure. Shape and pigment color will be discussed during this time.


This part of the appointment will consist of the practitioner drawing in the shape that best suits client’s face.


Anesthetic is applied for 20 min to reduce pain and discomfort.

Microblading Treatment

Each hair stroke is individually drawn to achieve natural looking eyebrows.

Reveal the new eyebrow

The practitioner will hand over a mirror and you will be able to see your eyebrows. During this time it is highly advised to address any concerns.

Aftercare Instruction

Once the procedure is done, client should follow the post care steps to achieve the best results.

Overall, your microblading experience should be informative as this is a procedure that is done on the face. So feel free to ask questions and address any concerns during this time since no corrections can be done until the second session. 

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