What can you expect after the eyebrow microblading treatment? 1

Microblading after care instructions are to be followed in order to achieve longer lasting results.  As a client you will need to avoid any cosmetics on the procedure area such as moisturizers, cleansers, make up.   Following these instructions will allow the eyebrows to naturally heal further allowing the practitioner to see how well the skin holds the pigment.

The eyebrows will go through different stages of the healing process so it is advised that potential clients do their research before doing the microblading procedure. First  your eyebrows will go thru varies tones but this is normal since the pigment color is still settling into the skin. In some cases, few clients notice a few patchy areas or pigment color fading but color settles after 10 days. Do not try to prevent this process as it is part of the healing and avoid picking at the eyebrows even though it will be a little itchy.

It would be ideal if you wash your face precisely around the eyebrow without getting water in the treated region. When using the shower, keep your face far from the shower head. If you have water, sebum, or sweat contact with the wound, it will make it expand and this will lead to scab showing. This scab is typically bothersome and ought not to be peeled. If you scratch or peel off at the range where the scab happens, it can cause scarring and damage the area of pigment. If you are the type that has a sensitive skin, the following day of treatment, the area around the strokes can turn red just because the skin was bothered. This will come back to normal following a couple days. Strokes will seem darker in the following couple of days after treatment and will lighten up around 40% lighter again after peeling.

It is important to follow the after care instructions for the microblading procedure because it will help your eyebrows heal faster. Also based on client experience it has been noted that those who follow the pre care and after care instructions tend to have longer lasting results.

The following should be abstained from during all the 14 days post microblading procedure:

  1. Minimal excercise
  2. Avoid swimming pools
  3. Avoid  jacuzzi and hot sauna  
  4. Avoid sun and salon tanning
  5. Using UV/UVA Rays or chemicals will cause shifts in color and premature fading so try to avoid that.
  6. Any laser or medications containing Retin-An or Glycolic acid on the face or neck should also be avoided
  7. Do not pick, peel, or scratch off the micro-pigmented region in order to abstain from scarring or removal of the pigment
  8. Reduce alcohol intake because it can only to slow healing
  9. Avoid touching the eyebrow area

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