The previous salon where I inquire decline me to have my brows Microbladed. I was told I can’t have mine done.

Everyone is welcome to have this treatment done. May it be light skin tone or dark depending on their need threshold. Women with darker skin tend to have an oilier skin that causes blurry out hair-like stroke. In other words, pigment implanted in the brows area will not stay longer. Expert enhances the pigment by adding vitamin C as a color brightener in order to hold the pigment to lighten gradually. In this line, technology is improving to meet the needs of the client for precision. Women with dark skin tone must be very careful enough in choosing the perfect place for their Microblading procedure. Not all specialist can perform this treatment on non-caucasian skin. Rarely of contrast between the dark skin tones and pigments that was being used, so the aestheticians may not used on work across the skin tones won’t be able to deliver realistic results.

Microblading is a semi-permanent eyebrow tattooing procedure that is helping folks like me get their entire lives in order.

There is no difference in microblading for dark skin, fair skin or medium skin. In each category there are different skin types, undertones and thickness. The only difference is in the healed results.

Aftercare is extremely important! And you should remember that microblading is a team effort between you and your technician. Make sure you follow all the instructions and use only the product you were provided by your artist. Do not google. There is no one right way in the aftercare and it different depends on the place you choose. You’ll be provided with aftercare kit right after procedure, aftercare will be explained in detail and you’ll have a copy of the instructions to take home.

In permanent make up, skin types can be a factor in choosing which technique best suits each client. Having oily skin is a bit challenging with Microblading because it tends to push-out the ink when applied. For clients who has this type of skin, we recommend the Microshading technique.

Yes! Microblading works on all skin tones and colors. Dark skin will look powdery and you would see less hair details than in light complexion. Both techniques can be applied for this.

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