You might be researching what is the best method to perfect the shape/style for your eyebrows, and have come across “microblading” more than once. To be candid, that is not a coincidence at all since this is one of the fastest-growing procedures in practice, but it might be hard to get just how this procedure is being carried out unless you enroll for a training or undergo one of such procedures yourself.

True, there are a lot of other methods that promise to make your eyebrows into that perfect shape you have been dreaming of. Alternative techniques such as eyebrow tattooing, HD brows, employing eyebrow extensions and fillers, and the rest. However, while I would not endorse eyebrow microblading as being the outright best of the bunch, the procedure sure beats the others on a lot of points.

Some of the reasons why the eyebrow microblading technique is seen as the better option includes

  • Possibility of lengthening the tails of existent eyebrows
  • Thicken the thin brows
  • Correction of asymmetry in the brows
  • It gives a more hair-like effect than filling-in would
  • Eyebrow microblading can last between 1 – 3 years.
  • Microblading requires easy maintenance
  • It is as close to a natural fix as can be
  • The procedure is great for scars and hair loss
  • It is (almost) painless

It is important that you understand the type of service you should receive before booking an appointment. One thing that cannot be stressed enough is to do your research.

After your artist has obtained what kind of eyebrow shape and design you are looking for, they would apply the numbing gel. They will begin by inserting some pigment into the upper layer of your skin.The pigment would make the delivery of hair-like strokes easy on your skin. The shape (and weight) of the strokes is defined to fit the style of brows the client wants. The gaps are filled and plucked eyebrows are covered too. All of this is done manually with the use of a blade. By the time you are done with the procedure, the results would be so natural, no one would be able to tell the difference. Of course, there would be some plucking at the eyebrows, but you would most likely not feel this since a numbing gel would have been applied on the work surface beforehand.

Unlike other procedures, microblading would keep the effect and feel of that perfect eyebrow for a very long time after it has been done. While you would need to retouch your HD brows monthly, and refix your brow attachments as they fall off, you can get by on a microblading procedure for more than a couple of years.

Microblading has become the so popular, so consider all the advantages compared to the other methods. The two sessions required for a standard procedure is well worth it.



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