Confused on chosing to which and where to have your Permanent make up done?

Here are some tips:

  • Research the procedure you want done carefully.
  • Interview the potential body art practitioner at the shop you are considering. Don’t be afraid to ask
    questions about the procedure, equipment, and how things get cleaned. This is your body and your
    health, so you need to be sure of the process.
  • Verify the facility has a current health permit issued from Orange County Health Care Agency
    Environmental Health Division. You can also ask to see their most recent health inspection report,
    but there’s no law that requires the owner to provide that information.
  • Verify that the body art practitioner has a current body art practitioner registration issued from
    Orange County Health Care Agency Environmental Health Division.
  • Ensure you are comfortable with the body art practitioner and the shop. If you don’t have a good
    vibe, check out another shop.
  • At the time of your procedure, ask to have all reusable equipment that will be used in your procedure
    opened from the sterilization pouch in front of you, or verify that the equipment was sterilized.
  • Make sure you eat before your procedure, as eating and drinking are not allowed while the work is
    being done. Consider bringing some of your favorite music to help you relax. Some tattoos can take
    hours, so you want to be comfortable.

Whether you are getting a tattoo, piercing, branding, or permanent make-up remember that most procedures
are permanent. Removal procedures are expensive, time consuming, and often more painful than the
original procedure.

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