1. What is microblading?
The microblading technique involves drawing the eyebrows, that gives them fullness and natural form without the need of any additional drawing. With a pencil. The big difference between the Japanese methods of drawing eyebrows and microblading is the “knife” which gives a more natural effect. With the help of the microblading technique, the hairs look much thinner, and thus more natural. The microblading technique is extremely focused on the position of every hair unlike the Japanese method of drawing eyebrows that is based exclusively on filling in the eyebrow area.

2. How long does the procedure take and what does it look like?
The duration of the procedure depends on the density of the natural eyebrows, but it mostly takes an hour and a half. Determining and obtaining the ideal eyebrow shape is the most difficult and the longest part of the procedure. The ideal form can be obtained with the help of a trained eye and some tools designed exclusively for this process. Every face is unique, which is why every person who uses the microblading technique gets the ideal eyebrow shape that fits perfectly in the proportions of the face.

3. When can you see the best results?
It should be noted that the pain is not completely excluded, actually the process creates more discomfort than pain, because before the procedure, the cosmetician will apply anesthetic and the drawing lasts 20 minutes. The post – treatment period lasts seven days and during this period it is necessary to keep them clean and as dry as possible. After the treatment the eyebrows will get darker by up to 40 percent. Throughout the post – treatment period the difference will be more visible every day, and in a week you will get the desired shade of your eyebrows.

4. How to maintain your eyebrows? Do you need to provide any special care (use serum, cream, etc.)?
Your eyebrows will need a special treatment only during the first seven days after the procedure, then there is no need to do anything else.

5. Can you still use an eyebrow pencil after the procedure?
The microblading technique provides a natural effect, thereby using an eyebrow pencil will not be necessary. But you can use it if you want to after it is fully healed.

Comments (3)

  • Ridley Fitzgerald

    It’s good to learn all of this about microblading. I love the fact that the eyebrows don’t need any special treatment after the first week. My eyebrows are really bushy, so I’d love to cut them back a bit.

  • Gerty Gift

    I have been thinking about getting my brows microbladed since it just take so much time to do them and get them right. I appreciate what you said about your brows needing special treatment during the first seven days. I would like to know what I’m to expect before I fully commit to anything, but I think that this wouldn’t be too much to ask.

    • admin

      For special treating for the first 7-10 days, it’s pretty much just allowing them to heal by keeping them clean and dry. Excessive sweating and exercise are not recommended until after for obvious reasons. When showering, you will need to make sure they don’t get wet and too hot water on them. It’s nothing too difficult or tedious to do. There are a lot more details about this in our help section.

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