What is Vitiligo?

Vitiligo (vi·tuh·lai·gow) is an unending condition where pale white patches spread in the skin. This is due to melanin deficiency. It is a disorder in which white patches of skin appear on different parts of the body. It hits any part of the skin but commonly arises on the face, neck, and hands. It may also affect the hair returning gray or white in the affected area and also, inside of the mouth. High possibilities it will affect the whole body, it is called complete vitiligo or universal. It will affect people of any age and gender. According to studies is likely to start around the age of 20. It is hard to anticipate whether the patches spread, and until when. It might spread in weeks, or hold stable in a month or maybe years. It is more visible to dark or tanned skin. 

Types of vitiligo:

Non-segmental Vitiligo – is the most known type of vitiligo, accounting for up to 90% of cases.  This illness is visible on both sides of the body. Usually appears on the back of your hands, arms, around the eyes, feet, knees, and elbows. 

Segmental Vitiligo –   is a less common type of vitiligo. The patches affect one side of the body. And, it’s more common in children. 

Based on studies, there are 1% of people worldwide having it. There is still no medical care that will re-pigment the skin. As stated by a dermatologist, having vitiligo is high risk for skin cancer because of the natural protection lacking in skin pigment melanin against the sun harmful rays. It is important to have additional care in the skin by putting sunscreen with a sun protection factor, sunglasses and protective clothing from the sun. (SPF). Must avoid long exposure to the sun it can make vitiligo worse. 

Can someone with vitiligo get a tattoo?

Many have shared their thoughts about people with this kind of skin condition in getting a tattoo done. However, there was no straightforward answer. Considering the results after the procedure. The color pigment is injected under the skin or dermis. This process can be applied in the white patches area in the skin to make the color balanced with the normal skin you have. It is important to choose the right color that fits your skin even though it is too hard to cherry-pick the right one because skin color changes with sun exposure and getting old. In addition, the patches might spread in time and even it looks perfect after the procedure patches might develop.

Having a tattoo might worsen it but many vitiligo patients did the procedure because they got what they expected. A lot have gained more confidence when they had it covered. Some have lived with it! Whether you had it inked or not, be a better person by accepting your imperfections. 

Get it winged!

Permanent makeup has evolved over the years. This has started since the 1970s in the form of a tattoo artist. However, there is a difference between the body and cosmetic tattoos. The body tattoo takes up to the third layer of the skin. While the cosmetic or permanent makeup is only up to the first layer of the skin. See the photo below.



Furthermore, it is originated in Ancient Egypt. There, both men and women from high status to lower class use eyeliner to define their eyes and a shield from wrinkles. And also, to protect the skin from the sun. Eyeliner is not just a style but a connection to their religion and gods that they adopt many years ago. On the ground of this, having makeup come to be a source of their inner power and to protect from evil. 

Now that technology has made headway so is the world of makeup. Many women have loved the changes in their looks when they put the makeup on. A lot could not leave their homes without putting some color on the face, lips, or even on our eyeliner! Makeup has truly changed the way every woman lives. When permanent makeup became a trend, even men found a solution to their problems as well! 

This is the generation of a #IWokeUpLikeThis. Just like having your brows done, women would take so much time doing their eyeliner. Plus, that messy look when you made a wrong stroke! We wanna kick that away! Right, girls? Wake up having a cat-eye look!! Many of us have struggled on how to put it perfectly. 

The permanent eyeliner is just an easy and quick technique. The procedure will mark attention to the eye and make the lashes look growing. And, greatly enhance the shape of your eyes. The procedure will take one hour to finish. A needle is used to deposit ink into the first layer of the skin. And to avoid any complication, stop taking any blood clotting medication 3 days prior to your appointment. Just to minimize possible bleeding. Pregnant, nursing or having a severe sickness is not a good candidate for this procedure, you might have encountered difficulties in the healing process.

Permanent eyeliner will last for 2- 3 years. Touch- up is recommended to freshen up the color.


You must avoid the following to achieve the best outcome:

  •  No contact lenses on the day of your procedure
  • Sauna or Jacuzzi for at least 3 days 
  • Hot showers
  • Eyelash curlers for 2-3 days 
  • Any eye makeup for 5 days until flaking is done
  • No soaps, or facial wash on the pigmented area for 2-3 days 
  • Chlorine pools for at least a week 
  • Terry towels
  • Mascara for 5 days 
  • Driving for 8 hours long before and after the procedure

Put away your eyeliner pencils behind. Don’t be stressed, trust the process and enjoy taking selfies. Cry for happiness never for sadness for your eyeliner won’t be a mess! 🙂