Loss of pigment after Microshading/Microblading procedure

Us, women wanted the perfect and effortless look. There is a lot of time spent filling in with makeup.

But with this newest and trendy procedure, you can have it all perfectly and congruously.

Having your brows microbladed or shaded, you may experience a lot of stages. One of these is the pigment loss. Pigment loss is part of the healing process.


Most women have their concerns or being paranoid after the procedure as they experience this stage. Pigment loss occurs in such cases. One of it is having oily skin. This may appear a bit challenging with microblading because it tends to push out the pigment or ink when it is applied.

For women who have this type of skin, we highly recommend the Microshading technique.

And also for those who have dark skin, it will look powdery and you can see fewer hair details than in light complexion. For this skin type, both techniques can be applied.


Lost of pigment may also occur on the early phase of healing, but towards the end, the true results will show.

We all might have the doubts and concerns as we want everything to be perfect. As we go out and want to be physically presentable. Some of us may not feel happy or comfortable due to the pigment loss. In times like this, you can contact your artist and rely on all your concerns. When this happens, we need to wait for your brows to heal and wait for at least 6-8 weeks to have your touch up done.

Always remember that the process may take time and involves a touch-up session to maintain your perfect look. All your concerns will be heard and responded with us.

There is no need to be alarmed if there’s some lightening to the color of your brow as it is normal.