The Secret To Waking Up Beautiful

Most women consider permanent make-up to be basically an efficient arrangement or time saving solution in their morning schedule. Truly, permanent make-up is a corrective technique that can upgrade your facial features in ways customary make-up can’t. 

There are many reasons someone may wish to permanently upgrade their structures. General dissatisfaction with their appearance is the most self-evident; however different reasons are similarly as substantial. Maybe you’ve experienced surgery or a disease that incurred significant damage on your natural features. Maybe you simply need to invest somewhat less energy fixing yourself up every morning. Despite the reason, permanently drawing some of your features can upgrade everything from eyebrows to lips. Otherwise called smaller scale pigmentation, the procedural outcome is close tattooing, as it inserts color directly onto your skin.

Eyes are the windows to the heart. That is the thing that they say. Dazzling eyes that have had permanent eye liner connected to them make an astonishing and perfect look to those windows that so many people will look into. Eyeliner gives your eyes that astonishing emerge effect and can make your eyelashes look thicker and fuller yet it is hard to put on and one of the most difficult looks to perfect. Indeed, even the fluid eyeliners available can be a torment too with getting both eyes appearing to be identical. So having permanent eyeliner is an extraordinary approach to spare you the stress of applying, smearing and jabbing!

Benefits of Using Permanent Eyeliner.

Eyeliner is an extremely tedious thing to do and on the off chance that you happen to go out in the rain or get wet by any means, it spreads and run, at that point you have hours of work ruined. That is the reason why permanent eyeliner is becoming so known by most people. Not only will it never run or spread but it is also a known fact that it will be impeccable of the time.

Another benefit of this particular eyeliner method is the simple fact that you will save tons of time because you will never have to put on eyeliner again. Eyeliner is certainly the one particular part of makeup that can be easily messed up. One flick of the wrist or a shaky hand can ruin the entire look and you would probably have to start all over. When you get permanent eyeliner, you never have to worry about that.

For people who are attempting to roll out a major improvement of shape to their eyeliner, it is encouraged to get your permanent eyeliner done by an expert. This considers exactness and care to be taken from a better point of view. Also, by getting your permanent eyeliner done by a professional, there’s less damage or risk involved.

3 Ways To Improve Your Eyebrows

Eyebrows are high in demand right now, perfect eyebrows are trending so variety of treatments are offered to achieve a look that will suit you. Microblading and Microshading are the two techniques used for permanent eyebrows, the combination of these two techniques is also very useful.

Microblading is also named as micro stroking, eyebrow embroidery, eyebrow feathering micro pigmentation, and 3D eyebrow. It has been popular in Asia and Europe for 25 years, the procedure of micoblading is new here. The micro blade tool used, looks similar to the exacto knife.The micro blade is dipped into the selected pigment, it is then used to make a fine cut or stroke in your skin. This process results in plantation of pigment in your skin which is called  micro pigmentation. It is performed by depositing pigments in upper dermis.. The needles used have different diameters and thickness according to the each individual hair.After that, with the use of proper technique the micro bladed eyebrows look natural and perfectly beautiful.

Microshading is another technique which is also named as the “powder fill brow”; it is the latest trend for permanent eyebrows. It is the transition of a single color from light to dark which provides a permanent effect. It creates a soft powdered effect that resembles eyebrow or pencil, it is similar to micro blading, but instead of using a hair stroke, it creates a softer and fuller effect. It is performed using an electric hand tool with a round configured needle. All techniques if done properly can create a fuller natural look for the eyebrows.

The difference between micro blading and micro shading is that the technique of micro blading gives you the simulated hair effect and the micro shading technique makes it more powder  filled eyebrow which is similar to the look achieved with the makeup. Micro blading lasts for approximately 18 months, but the micro shading lasts for 2 years depending on the different factors such as skin type, daily skin routine and lifestyle. Both techniques are growing in popularity in the United States.

Ahora Tiempo En Las Mañanas

Esta técnica se hace más famosa y común a medida que pasa el tiempo, ya que a diferencia de otras da un acabado muy natural, es un proceso rápido que puede durar alrededor de dos años dependiendo del cuidado que se le dé a la piel, es indolora, permite dar forma a la cejas y logra una mayor densidad, por ello no es sorpresa que cada vez sean más las mujeres que usan o quieren probar esta técnica.

Las Ventajas del Microblading

• Este proceso permite aumentar la densidad de las cejas, esto es ideal para las personas que tienen las cejas despobladas sea por alguna enfermedad o por simple genética.
• El microblading se puede mejorar la forma de las cejas, transformando la forma natural de acuerdo a los rasgos de la persona y se puede lograr un acabado bastante realista.
• Una de las mejores cosas del microblading es que permite olvidarse del maquillaje para cejas durante bastante tiempo, el cual puede ser difícil de aplicar y suele llevarse bastante tiempo mientras se logra la forma deseada.
• Esta técnica es bastante segura, es muy difícil que ocurra un derramamiento de pigmentos y por lo tanto es bastante demandada.
• Confianza: no sólo desaparece las inseguridades que puedes sentir por tener unas cejas despobladas sino que estás segura de que luces unas cejas de cine todos los días
• Ahorro de dinero: Imagínate el ahorro de dinero equivalente a un año en sombras y lápices para el maquillaje de las cejas. Ya sabes lo caro que son. Con la técnica del Microblading puedes conseguir unas cejas de ensueño durante uno o dos años, necesitando un pequeño repaso después de este periodo
• Se puede aplicar tanto a mujeres como hombres.
•  Requiere de poco mantenimiento, una vez finalizada la cicatrización no requiere de muchos cuidados, solo es necesario realizar un retoque cada cierto tiempo.

En conclusion esta técnica nos permite corregir y mejorar la ceja. Especialmente para aquellos que desean completamente reconstruir , definir, cubrir vacíos o rellenar las cejas sobrecargadas.

How To Perfect Your Eyebrows

You might be researching what is the best method to perfect the shape/style for your eyebrows, and have come across “microblading” more than once. To be candid, that is not a coincidence at all since this is one of the fastest-growing procedures in practice, but it might be hard to get just how this procedure is being carried out unless you enroll for a training or undergo one of such procedures yourself.

True, there are a lot of other methods that promise to make your eyebrows into that perfect shape you have been dreaming of. Alternative techniques such as eyebrow tattooing, HD brows, employing eyebrow extensions and fillers, and the rest. However, while I would not endorse eyebrow microblading as being the outright best of the bunch, the procedure sure beats the others on a lot of points.

Some of the reasons why the eyebrow microblading technique is seen as the better option includes

  • Possibility of lengthening the tails of existent eyebrows
  • Thicken the thin brows
  • Correction of asymmetry in the brows
  • It gives a more hair-like effect than filling-in would
  • Eyebrow microblading can last between 1 – 3 years.
  • Microblading requires easy maintenance
  • It is as close to a natural fix as can be
  • The procedure is great for scars and hair loss
  • It is (almost) painless

It is important that you understand the type of service you should receive before booking an appointment. One thing that cannot be stressed enough is to do your research.

After your artist has obtained what kind of eyebrow shape and design you are looking for, they would apply the numbing gel. They will begin by inserting some pigment into the upper layer of your skin.The pigment would make the delivery of hair-like strokes easy on your skin. The shape (and weight) of the strokes is defined to fit the style of brows the client wants. The gaps are filled and plucked eyebrows are covered too. All of this is done manually with the use of a blade. By the time you are done with the procedure, the results would be so natural, no one would be able to tell the difference. Of course, there would be some plucking at the eyebrows, but you would most likely not feel this since a numbing gel would have been applied on the work surface beforehand.

Unlike other procedures, microblading would keep the effect and feel of that perfect eyebrow for a very long time after it has been done. While you would need to retouch your HD brows monthly, and refix your brow attachments as they fall off, you can get by on a microblading procedure for more than a couple of years.

Microblading has become the so popular, so consider all the advantages compared to the other methods. The two sessions required for a standard procedure is well worth it.



Nueva Técnica Para Perfeccionar Tus Cejas

Es muy importante estar informada del procedimiento de Microblading.

Primero es importante realizar una prueba de alergias 24 o 48 horas antes de realizar el tratamiento, de esta manera se descarta la posibilidad de una reacción alérgica durante el procedimiento.

El paso más importante es la medición, en este paso se puede ir alrededor de una hora, se realiza con un instrumento especial que ayuda a lograr líneas de perfecta simetría, estas líneas se marcan con una pluma de punta fina y plana.

Una vez que se logre marcar la forma para unas cejas perfectas se aplica una crema anestésica tópica o un anestésico en gel para dormir el área y evitar molestias y dolores.

Antes de comenzar con el procedimiento se debe desinfectar el área de las cejas, una vez desinfectada se comienza a implantar los pigmentos, durante este paso las agujas deben deslizarse suavemente y con precisión para ir creando los micro-cortes y evitar derramamiento de pigmentos.

Despues que haya terminado el tratamiento, la especialista le dara el espejo para asegurarse que todo este bien.  En este momento es cuando se debe fijar y asegurar que todo este bien porque no se podra hacer ningun cambio hasta las cuatro semanas.

Finalizado el procedimiento el trabajo restante es de la persona, mejorar sus hábitos de cuidado de la piel para lograr una mayor duración del maquillaje semipermanente y encargarse de seguir las indicaciones de cuidado que dé el profesional, las cuales suelen ser; no entrar en contacto con el agua durante 7 días, aplicar una crema especial en el área dos a tres veces al día con algún y no aplicar maquillaje en el área durante algún tiempo. Durante este tiempo es cuando empezara el proceso en donde la ceja y piel se van a rehabilitar por el tratamiento hecho.

En conclusion esta técnica nos permite corregir y mejorar la ceja. Especialmente para aquellos que desean completamente reconstruir , definir, cubrir vacíos o rellenar las cejas sobrecargadas.

Save Time: Smudge Free Lips

Are you busy 24/7? Do you wish you had a way to look chic and polished everyday? If so, the permanent lip is the place to start. Spend less time perfecting your makeup and more time enjoying the res your day, permanent makeup can be a smart solution for you. It will save you time and you will always look put together. You can also build on it for a different look any time you want!

Edgy and fierce

For those of you who are more edgy and like to stand out; a bright red or luscious ruby red are available. Wе can еmрhаѕizе уоur liрѕ and gеt the реrfесt, ѕеxу lips уоu’vе always drеаmеd of.

Soft and Natural

On the other hand, for those of you who prefer a settle natural look; natural tone and rose pinks are available.  The permanent lip will give your lips an elegant, finished look all day long.

Regardless of the look that you desire, the permanent lip is available in natural or bold shades.

Many women have witnessed how a smudged lipstick can ruin the whole makeup look. The permanent lip will help avoid those smudges and lip stains. This procedure will also minimize the makeup time in the morning; get permanent lip done to wake up with smooth natural looking lips. The реrmаnеnt liр саn dеереn your nаturаl liр color, define уоur lips, аdd fullness, аnd соrrесt imреrfесtiоnѕ. Often women feel uncomfortable with the way their lips look without lipstick so the permanent lip will address any concerns.

Tор 5 Rеаѕоnѕ to get Реrmаnеnt Liрѕ Dоnе

  • Pеrmаnеnt liр will minimize wrinklеѕ аnd рrеvеnt unѕightlу liрѕtiсk bleed
  • The реrmаnеnt lip iѕ applied tо еnhаnсе оr сhаngе thе nаturаl liр.
  • Eliminate wоrrу about needing to tоuсh- uр liрѕtiсk.
  • Give thin/narrow lips a fuller plumped
  • Add ѕhаре tо your mouth.

The реrmаnеnt liр is the solution that you wеrе lооking for. So, rеѕtоrе уоur liрѕ tо a nаturаl аnd уоuthful shade. Make life easier and save time on the daily make up routine.

Microblading; La Solution Versatil

El microblading es una técnica de maquillaje semi permanente que ayudara a mejorar uno de los rasgos más importantes de la cara, las cejas.

La apariencia física es algo realmente importante hoy en día, sobre todo para las mujeres que pueden pasar horas arreglándose y puede ser un proceso bastante largo y tedioso, con el tiempo han ido surgiendo técnicas que ayudaran a mejorar la estética.

Una parte de gran importancia en la cara son las cejas,  que dan simetría a la mirada y son prácticamente el marco de la cara, para mejorar este rasgo se ha creado el Microblading que da la oportunidad de lucir unas cejas perfectas.

El microblading consiste en maquillaje semi permanente, este proceso  se aplica pelo a pelo lo que permite modificar el color y forma de la ceja para poder lograr unas cejas perfectas y naturales.

Esta técnica se hace más famosa y común a medida que pasa el tiempo, ya que a diferencia de otras da un acabado muy natural,  es un proceso rápido que puede durar alrededor de dos años dependiendo del cuidado que se le dé a la piel, es indolora, permite dar forma a la cejas y logra una mayor densidad, por ello no es sorpresa que cada vez sean más las mujeres que usan o quieren probar esta técnica.

Sin embargo el resultado final dependerá en gran parte del trabajo que el profesional realice, ya que una mala técnica puede dañar tanto la piel como las cejas.

Para realizar el microblading y que luzca lo más natural posible es necesario determinar el color que se usara tomando en cuenta el color de cabello y el tono de piel.

Este proceso no incluye maquinas eléctricas. Para el microblading se usa una pluma que de manera manual dejara la tinta en la capa epidermis de la piel, en la parte inferior de la pluma se insertan las agujas desechables que se usaran para realizar los micro cortes en la piel.

Save 10 Minutes Everyday

Have you ever еxреriеnсеd dаrk circles undеr your еуеѕ frоm уоur eyeliner running оr ѕmudging thrоughоut the dау? If so, then реrmаnеnt eyeliner iѕ a great option fоr уоu. Permanent eyeliner can help define the eye.  It also allows you to look your best in an effortless way! Alwауѕ аn Eуе-Oреnеr!

With the permanent eyeliner we can create a natural looking line with no wing for women who prefer a simple settle look. Further, women who prefer the dramatic look; a thick line with a wing can be done. Nonetheless if you decide for the natural or dramatic look, this technique will help to reduce the time spent to perfect the eyeliner.

The professional will advise you as to what look would best suit your face. The eуеlinеr can be a full line, or hаlf linе– аll tо the сliеnt’ѕ рrеfеrеnсе. The professional will advise you as to what color best suits your skin. Also, hоw thick or thin уоur eyeliner ѕhоuld bе. Colors are сuѕtоm mixеd for each individuаl. Pigment colors such as  black, brоwn, bluеѕ, grееnѕ, аnd grеуѕ.  Perfect shades for those who prefer a natural look as well as those who have a fun free-side and prefer blues and greens. Overall the permanent eyeliner is not targeted to a specific group, anyone could get it done especially if they are looking to facilitate their mornings.


Pеrmаnеnt еуеlinеr is рlасеd right into the lаѕh linе. It involves using a needle to place pigmented color beneath the upper layers of the skin.


  • Sаvе mоrе time and mоnеу.
  • Nо mоrе smudges, smears, оr wоrn-оff еуеlinеr.
  • Cаn соrrесt оr rеѕhаре thе nаturаl look оf their еуе.
  • Permanent eyeliner give the еуеѕ a more open арреаrаnсе.
  • Thе desire tо hаvе a natural lооking lash.

To conclude, permanent eyeliner will minimize the time spent on perfecting the eyeliner, and many pigment colors are available to perfect the cat look you desire.